Terms and Conditions


1. Please note that because Vibe x Flow Yoga Retreats (“Retreats”) are limited to a small number of attendees (“Participants”), Vibe x Flow Yoga Retreats cancellation policy is in place to allow for a seamless experience. However, things change, and things happen - We understand this and aim to be as flexible and accommodating as possible.

2. Please note the following:


    b. The remaining balance is due within 60 days before the start date of the Retreat unless otherwise noted. 

    c. The balance minus the hold deposit amount and any transfer fees applicable is refundable ONLY within 72 HOURS of processed payment.

    d. Balances paid after a 3-day (72-hour) window of the due date will be charged a $100USD late fee.

    e. Balances paid after an additional 7-day window of the due date (total of 10-days) will be charged a $200USD late fee.

    f. Thereafter, Vibe x Flow Yoga Retreats reserves the right to cancel your reservation if you are unreachable to finalise payment within 50 days of the Retreat. We reserve the right to resell your place, and you will lose your hold deposit.

    g. The balance is automatically charged to the card on file used to pay the deposit. If you would like to change the card on file, please request an authorisation form.

    h. Having completed the booking and paid the deposit, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to these terms and conditions.

3. Unexpected events occur, so it is highly recommended that Participants purchase travel insurance including trip cancellation/interruption insurance in case of family emergencies, bad weather delays, flight cancellations, job loss, COVID-19 bans and restrictions. Hence, if you cannot make the trip and you have passed the time limit as per para 2 (c) above, please seek reimbursement through your travel insurance. It is your responsibility to read and understand our cancellation policies. Exceptions will not be made for any reason, including weather, injury/illness, death, personal emergencies, or any other force majeure. There are no refunds or credits for failing to attend or complete the Retreat, missing individual activities or workshops, arriving late, or leaving early. 

4. Vibe x Flow Retreats is not responsible for any injuries, ailments, or sickness that may occur during classes, during the duration of this trip, or after. You accept that you are physically capable of attending classes, workshops, and all aspects of this Retreat Vibe x Flow Yoga Retreats cannot be held responsible for personal expenses, such as airline tickets, due to itineraries or Retreat details changes. We kindly ask that Participants not book tickets before contacted with booking details for the respective Retreat. We reserve the right to cancel the Retreat for any reason. The unlikely event of cancellation would only happen in exceptional circumstances resulting in us not being able to offer the Retreat as advertised, if the minimum number of Participants to run the Retreat is not met, or in case of force majeure. Should this happen, we will notify you as soon as we know of the cancellation and refund you the total USD amount you paid us regarding the Retreat. We cannot be held liable for any expenses you may have incurred, such as travel, vacation leave days, or exchange rate losses.


5. Please note that if the Retreat has to be postponed based on border closures, then the guest's payment will be transferred to the new date after it has been assessed. In the case that the Retreat happens as scheduled, but a guest decides not to attend based on any other reason than a country's border closure then the standard cancellation policy will be maintained. They will have the opportunity to transfer the space to another person or sell their spot independently. However, no refunds will be made. Should the dates be affected due to the pandemic, the dates will continually be reassessed and rescheduled.

6. In the case that the Participant sells their spot to another person independently, we ask that you contact us at info@bahayogi.com with the details of the new Participant.

7. As with any other illness, you are responsible for your safety. Therefore, we encourage wearing masks, sanitisation, social distancing, and all other preventative health measures where necessary. In addition, you are responsible for all COVID-19 testing, quarantines, and other essential measures needed, should you test positive. Therefore, if you feel ill or suspect you may have COVID-19, please alert us immediately and follow precautionary actions to protect those around you. 


8. Vibe x Flow Yoga Retreats employees and all persons involved in organising the Retreats (hereinafter referred to as "AGENTS") act only in the capacity as AGENTS for the Participant in all matters connected with travel, sight-seeing journeys, and transportation, and as AGENTS hold themselves free of responsibility for any damage occasioned by any cause. AGENTS will not be responsible for any damages or expenses, inconveniences caused by late departures or change of schedule, strikes, or conditions, nor will AGENTS be responsible for loss or damage to baggage or any of the Participant's belongings. All prices quoted are correct at the time of printing, include the cost of operation of the journeys, and are subject to currency changes. AGENTS shall not be responsible for personal injury, death, accident, delay, loss, damage, irregularity, or property damage as a result of force majeure or any other losses or damages incurred by any person or Retreat Participants caused by any delay or change of itinerary or arising out of any act, including, but not limited to, any act of negligence, any person acting for or on behalf of AGENTS for transportation, accommodation or sight-seeing provider or any other person or entity rendering any of these services or accommodations being offered in connection with this journey. This agreement supersedes all the parties' previous oral or written communications, representations, or agreements. Participants assume the risk involved when participating in yoga, foreign travel, and any activities and pursuits voluntarily undertaken while participating in the Retreat. Participants agree that all disputes between Participants and Vibe x Flow Yoga Retreats are governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

9. Regarding the stay during the Retreat, AGENTS will provide safe, careful instruction and safe premises but ask that each Participant take personal responsibility for their self-care and (in the unlikely case) for any injuries incurred during the Retreat. Modifications are given to Participants with specific needs. If Participants are unsure of their physical ability due to previous injuries, they should seek a healthcare practitioner's advice beforehand.

10. By paying the Hold Deposit, the Participant acknowledges and understands the Cancellation Policy.

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